For all joiners, fitting joints and bolts takes up 80% of the time spent in making a piece of work. Those who have not gone through strong foundation training will have difficulty achieving any breakthrough; beginners can only yearn for precision and efficiency. With the invention of the Universal Copy Woodworking Machine, we have completely changed the way woodworking is done, allowing users to pick up the skill easily. DSIN Machinery  dsin  wood woodworking multi-function joinery machine compound angled mortise & tenon joinery machine copy precisely rout diy diywoodtooling compound angles chairs zig-zag chair compound-angle cylindrical legs chair position indicator introduction x and y axes laser calibration DIY workshops skill workshops app made in taiwan dsin dsinwood angled through dovetail joint, half-blind angled dovetail joint, Compound-angle dovetails joint cylindrical tenons Compound cylindrical tenons